Countdown til The Show

Who Should Attend?

P&E Distributors' "THE SHOW" is a show held exclusively for our loyal customers and strategic supplier partners.

To take advantage of exciting and exclusive pricing, buying opportunities and information sessions, you must be a current or prospective P&E Distributors' customer or supplier.

P&E customers should bring employees that interact with consumers or who is in charge of purchasing products from P&E.

If you have any questions about who should attend or if you are eligible please contact your P&E Salesperson.

Why Should You Attend?

Hottest products of the year: Learn through excellent interaction opportunities with the exhibiting manufacturers and P&E representatives

Networking: Hobnob with your peers to share ideas to survive and succeed in the tough business environment Buy smarter, buy better: Take advantage of the best buying opportunities to help make you more profitable

Expand your business: Interacting with manufactures a great way to get ideas on new business opportunities. Cash and prize giveaways: $5,000 in cash will be given away and lots of prizes.

How Should You Prepare?

For a successful show experience, consider some of these ideas:


1. Sales history: Bring a summary of your previous year's sales by category and manufacturer. This will help you take advantage of deals on products you currently sell every day

2. Sales trends in your market: Get together with your sales staff and discuss niche market opportunities that you may be missing Create a "THE SHOW" goals sheet: List your goals for what you plan to accomplish, visiting manufactures, purchasing budgets, and new business ideas.

3. Talk to your salesperson: First time attendee or a "THE SHOW" veteran, your salesperson can answer any questions you may have concerning "THE SHOW"

4. Plan ahead: THE SHOW is a one day show, plan transportation to get there early take advantage of more face time with manufacturer's reps earlier in the day.

What To Bring With You?

We want you to have a successful experience at "THE SHOW", here is a list of things to help you prepare ahead of time.


1. Bring your sales summary: Bring a summary of your previous year's sales, both by manufacturer and category

2. Bring your goal sheet: Keep your goal sheet handy and refer to it throughout the show to ensure you are on track

3. Bring key employees: Bring employees with an integral hand in sales and purchasing to discuss emerging markets at the show

4. Bring your passion: Let your passion for the Automotive Aftermarket shine and use it to gain knowledge from industry leaders

5. Wear comfortable shoes: You'll be on your feet for hours interacting with sales reps, suppliers and other shop owners. Make sure you can keep up by sporting your favorite sneakers and putting an extra pair of socks on can add to your comfort

6. Bring a roller suitcase: An easily transportable suitcase can hold all the supplier swag you can stuff.

What about the VENDORS who attend

"THE SHOW" attracts supplier participation from every category in the automotive aftermarket.

You will see suppliers that sell products for:

Speed and Performance,
Truck and Off-Road,
12v Mobile Electronics and more.

Still have questions?

Contact your salesperson with any questions you may have.


Need to register for the show? You can register for the show in two ways.

1. Click here for our online registration or

2. Contact your salesperson if you are a current customer and be signed up over the phone.

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